Lay Family Genealogical Association, Inc.

Lay Lines Tribal Pages

The Lay Lines Tribal Pages is a separate website from The Lay of the Land website you are currently visiting. To get access to it, you will need to contact Kathy Smith, our LFGA Archivist (see email address below).

The Tribal Pages online family tree product was selected by our archivist in order to build an online family tree for the Lay Family Genealogical Association and its members. While building this family tree is an on-going process, we currently have about 5,000 names entered into the family tree (as of Feb 2014). The earliest recorded events are the births of Sarah Marvin and John Lay in 1585.

Building the family tree requires information from LFGA member's pedigree charts. In contrast to our Old Lay Lines, much new information and sources have been added and many corrections have been made. But this is only the beginning for the Lay Lines Tribal Pages!

If you are an LFGA member, please contact our archivist to submit pedigree charts and to be invited to join the Lay Lines Tribal Pages website.

LFGA Archivist: Kathy Smith
email: katherine.k803 (at)