Lay Family Genealogical Association, Inc.

The Lay Lines Tribal Pages is an exciting addition to LFGA!

The goal of the LFGA is to encourage and preserve the history and genealogy of Lay, Ley, Loy, Leigh, Leh, etc. families. With that in mind, we have created a Lay Lines family tree on a separate website. This tree was started using the pedigree charts of our members, but we didn't stop there. We are adding as many lines of Lays as we can, even if they are not connected to a current or former member. While the Lay Lines is accessible to current members of LFGA only, we hope this database will fulfill our mission and become a valuable resource for future generations of members and researchers.

We have combed through our Archival materials, online resources, printed materials, and other available records to create a tree that is as accurate as, humanly and electronically, possible with documentation and/or reasonable arguments to support conclusions. Any individual without documentation is a current investigation.

There are more than thirty (30) documented distinct family lines in the tree and more than forty-five (45) lines with current research being conducted to determine their connections. With new information and sources, this has allowed us to merge many of our old Lay Lines into larger and more detailed lines.

Building this family tree is an on-going process and, as you might imagine, takes quite a bit of effort for it to grow and change. We encourage all of our members to participate by submitting pedigree charts, information, documents, and photos. You can email contributions to the address below and they will be added as quickly as possible. We would also like to invite any member who is interested in assisting with research to contact our Archivist.

For access to The Lay Lines on Tribal Pages, you must be a member and receive an invitation to create a user name and password. If you have any problems, questions, or discrepancy issues with The Lay Lines, please contact the LFGA Archivist (see email address below).

LFGA Archivist: Kathy Smith
email: katherine.k803 (at)